Maura Kehoe Collins, Independent Art Collections Advisor, Artiphile, New York, who will speak at the Art Business Summit in Ireland. Maura’s topic at the event is “Protecting Your Investment Into the Future: Succession Planning — The Modern Family and Inheritance.”

An art advisor helps build and shape collections, often providing clients access to artworks on the primary and secondary markets, and is usually paid a commission for transactions on the buy or sell side (it should never be both). An art collections manager, on the other hand, is a disinterested party to transactions, paid by the hour, project, or retainer only by the client and beholden only to the best interest of that client; we advocate for works of art which cannot speak for themselves, and keep strict professional codes of confidentiality. We can assist in pre-purchase due diligence of condition reports and valuation for independent information before entering into a purchase agreement, and then ensure its care through its disposition to the next caretaker.

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