The art world is a realm that can prove difficult to comprehend and predict, particularly from an investment point of view. As with any form of investment, however, the more one understands a given
market, the more likely it is that there will be a better return. While the art market can be notoriously fickle, it is not without its trends and indicators that potential investors can learn to read. One needs only pay attention and learn as much as possible about the way the market functions to gain a much more solid grounding upon which to make more informed decisions.

It is this thinking that led Art$ummit, an annual conference that merges the art and business worlds
into one discussion, to take place at the start of November 2017 in Dublin. The conference aimed to provide its attendees – whether those with an art background looking to understand the intricacies
surrounding wealth management issues or those with a financial background wishing to learn about
investing in art through collection and wealth management strategies – with the knowledge and insight necessary to succeed in the changing landscape of the art market in Ireland today.

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