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The Art Business Summit is Europe’s Art Business and Networking Conference. This one day annual art business summit focuses on current trends within the International Art Market from a European perspective.

It offers rare access to leading Art Market Experts and Collectors from around the world. It is this exclusivity that makes the Art Business Summit is not just a conference, it is an ‘Experience’. This day of Culture & Conversation encourages networking at the highest level in a relaxed luxurious environment.


Rosanne McDonnell is the Director and Lead Creator of the Art Business Summit (formerly known as ArtSummit Ireland). She is a lawyer with an interest in art business and law.

Rosanne has published and presented legal papers within her expertise. She is passionate about the powerful effects of high end networking and this is the reason why she created the Art Business Summit, to simply unite individual art collectors with art business professionals from around the world in a day of culture and conversation.

“The importance of the Art Business Summit is the meeting of experts giving an invaluable and focused perspective on art as an asset class and real issues that collectors are encountering in the market today.”

Mary Buschman

President, ARIS Title Insurance Corporation

“The Art Business Summit is a first rate event for collectors and art market professionals. The 2018 panels addressed art as an asset class, succession planning and wealth planning. The panellists included art consultants, advisors, lawyers and journalists from New York, London, Geneva and Dublin. They spoke both to technical legal and financial issues and to the interplay between connoisseurship and art market dynamics. The Art Business Summit is highly recommended to anyone who follows the international art market.”

William Pearlstein

Partner, Pearlstein McCullough & Lederman LLP


Art Summit 2018 – Photo Gallery

Thanks to our guest speakers, attendees, sponsors, hosts and everyone involved in making Art Business Summit 2018 a huge success. Here’s a selection of photos from the event.

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60 seconds with Rosanne McDonnell (Business & Finance)

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Art Advisor vs. Art Collections Manager (Fine Art Connoisseur)

Maura Kehoe Collins, Independent Art Collections Advisor, Artiphile, New York, who will speak at the Art Business Summit in Ireland. Maura’s topic at the event is “Protecting Your Investment Into the Future: Succession Planning — The Modern Family and Inheritance.” An...

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What’s an art collection really about?

There’s often an uneasy relationship between the two. Investing in art is not like investing in the stock market. Most collectors are motivated, not by monetary gain, but by a passion for beautiful objects – and yet the international art world often hits the headlines...

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The emerging demand for tax expertise in the art market

Art investment is a growing industry and individuals with significant art collections need advice on the best tax strategies, says Rosanne McDonnell. The art and tax worlds, at first glance, appear to be at different ends of the spectrum. Collectors are often known...

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Meet The Women Behind Art Summit (Image Magazine)

Now in its second year, Art$ummit Ireland is the only art conference of its kind on the Irish calendar. Co-founded by Rosanne McDonnell, Art$ummit brings together some of the biggest names on the Irish art scene, including a number of trailblazing women, to explore...

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Georgina Adam

Art Market editor-at-large, The Art Newspaper and Author, ‘Dark Side of the Boom’, UK

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Georgina Adam, Art Market Editor-at-Large, The Art Newspaper and Author. Georgina Adam has spent more than thirty years writing about the art market and the arts in general. She was editor of the Art Market section of The Art Newspaper between 2000 and 2008, then editor-at-large. She wrote a weekly column for the Financial Times for eight years until 2016.

In 2014 she published Big Bucks: The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century (Lund Humphries) and in 2018 published her second book, Dark Side of the Boom: The excesses of the art market in the 21st century (Lund Humphries.

In addition to her specialisation in the art market, Adam is particularly interested in emerging cultural centres. She lectures at Sotheby’s Institute in London and participates on panels about the market: she is a board member of Talking Galleries, patron of the Association of Women Art Dealers and member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

Anne Laure Bandle

Attorney-at-law, Borel & Barbey, Geneva

 Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Anne Laure Bandle is an attorney-at-law at the lawfim Borel & Barbey in Geneva where she advises clients in matters related to works of art, copyright, contracts, estate planning, foundations and trusts.

Moreover, Anne Laure is the director of the Art Law Foundation and a lecturer in copyright, art and entertainment law at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. She holds a PhD in law from the University of Geneva. Anne Laure published a book on the sale of misattributed artworks and antiques at auction by Edward Elgar.

Jane Beattie

Managing Director of Jane Beattie Art Advisory, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Jane Beattie is the Managing Director of Jane Beattie, an Art Advisory business in Dublin. She is a graduate of Trinity College, University College Dublin, and University of Southampton. She has degrees in the History of Art and in Fine Art Valuation. Whilst working for James Adam and Sons in Dublin she became a fully accredited arts surveyor and member of the RICS.

After a short spell in the employment of Oliver Sears, Jane took on the role of Bonhams’ Representative for Ireland wherein she successfully operated an office in Dublin for over five years.

In January 2017, she set up the firm of Jane Beattie, which brokers private art sales, offers advisory and valuation services to a broad range of clients from both national and international segments of the art market.

Balazs Bekes

Country Manager, Maurice Ward Art Handling, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Balazs Bekes is the Country Manager for Maurice Ward Art Handling, a powerful global freight-forwarding Art Logistics Company. It is one of Europe’s leading supply chain solution providers, moving and storing art using the most professional staff and the best in modern equipment and techniques. Maurice Ward Art Handling has offices in Ireland and Hungary and has access to an international network of clients.

Balazs manages the Dublin branch of the Maurice Ward Group. His key responsibilities include the smooth running of freight operations, compliance with Air Cargo Security and legal obligations in the movement of art both on a local and international level. Project management is an integral part of Balazs work and he routinely works closely with customs officials regarding all the procedures surrounding the permanent and temporary imports/exports licences, VAT and additional customs duties.

Balazs will speak about the important considerations of time and money when buying works at art fairs and/or selling at international art auctions. He will also speak about the right storage facilities that are available to preserve works of art as part of collection management and ultimately succession planning. He will give practical advice to the audience on how best to protect their art and antiquities for the next generation.

Mary Buschman

President, ARIS Title Insurance Corporation, New York

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Mary Buschman, President of ARIS Title Insurance Corporation, based in New York. It is a leading worldwide provider of title insurance for fine art and high-value collectables. Mary previously served as chief underwriting counsel for ARIS. Prior to that, she was a senior operations manager at Magnetar Capital. Before working in finance and law, Mary owned and operated Skylight Fine Art Gallery. She earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Williams College, a master’s degree in contemporary art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law. She serves on the New York City Bar Association Art Law Committee and is admitted to practice law in New York State.

Mary’s background and deep understanding of finance, investments, art and law provides the ARIS team with a unique, highly specialized competitive advantage. Mary will provide details of the importance of Insurance when a dispute arising from title issues through transactional complications. She will also discuss the importance of correct succession planning in terms of valuations, appraisals and ownership for the next generation.

Geraldine Clarke

Partner, Gleeson McGrath Baldwin Solicitors, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Geraldine Clarke is a Partner at Gleeson McGrath Baldwin solicitors. She is responsible for the overall management of the firm’s litigation department and has a keen interest in art. She specialises in commercial and civil litigation to include probate disputes. She has extensive experience of conducting complex cases across all court jurisdictions, particularly in cross jurisdictional matters relating to art repatriation.

Geraldine is the former President of the Law Society of Ireland and a former chair of the Professional Ethics Committee of the International Bar Association. She is the current chair of the board of the Property Services Regulatory Authority.

She is also on the roll of solicitors of England and Wales and Northern Ireland, is also knowledgeable of cross-jurisdictional aspects of litigious art transactions. She regularly participates in mediation and arbitration processes and is a member of the Law Society of Ireland’s panel of arbitrators.

Geraldine is very knowledgeable on all aspects of Law including the importance of Wills, Probate and Succession Planning as they relate to Art & Antiquities in Ireland.

Catriona Coady

Private Client Tax Specialist, Wealth Management, Goodbody, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

As a trusted adviser for over 140 years, Goodbody has a long tradition of protecting, preserving and growing wealth on behalf of individuals, families and entrepreneurs in Ireland. Their advice spans across a number of professional disciplines from tax and estate planning to bespoke investment strategies.

Catriona Coady has over 17 years’ experience with a Big 4 firm advising in the area of personal taxation. Catriona’s client base includes a number of high net worth individuals and her role involves assisting those clients with their domestic and overseas tax affairs and addressing their tax planning needs. Catriona is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA), a Trust & Estate Practitioner (TEP) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Goodbody has just published an in-depth report, Death and Taxes, that lays out a wide-ranging framework for understanding the complexities of inheritance, from managing assets and tax exposures to preparing the next generation to acquire wealth of their own. Along with Goodbody Chief Economist Dermot O’Leary, Catriona was a primary contributor to the report. She is also a regular contributor to periodicals and media on tax related matters.

Paul Collins

Head of Risk Services Ireland, Ecclesiastical Insurance

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Paul Collins is Head of Risk Services Ireland with Ecclesiastical Insurance. Ecclesiastical is a specialist Insurer providing insurance and risk management solutions in Ireland and the UK since 1887. Ecclesiastical offers home, heritage and charity insurance as well as financial products and services for individuals and organisations.

Paul Collins’s exceptional knowledge of Risk Assessments in Art & Antiquities enables him to logically cut through the most complex situations and provide insurance solutions tailored to Ecclesiastical client needs. Having a robust risk management strategy is essential in understanding who is responsible for one’s art collection when planning for future generations.

Reputational risk to an art collection is equally as important as the physical risks that a work of art may endure when proper collection management is not adhered to. Paul’s experience and responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management makes him an ideal panellist to discuss ways in which to protect the Legacy of Art & antiquities.

Maura Kehoe Collins

Independent Art Collections Advisory, Artiphile, New York

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Maura Kehoe Collins is the Managing Director of Artiphile, an independent art advisory that specialises in art collections management which was founded in 1991. Maura speaks Mandarin Chinese, and has studied Japanese and French. She is also a professional member of Art Resource Alliance, ArtTable, New York Chapter POWarts, New York Contemporary Art Council of the Brooklyn Museum (Chair 2004–2007, Co-Chair 2008-2009).

Artiphile delivers bespoke art collections management services with discretion. It’s method of inventory, assessment and administration aims to identify and address all physical and practical needs of a collection. No matter size, media or period—art collections require administration and thoughtful stewardship to maintain integrity and value.

With twenty-five years of experience in conservation and arts administration, Maura has applied her knowledge and experience by providing museum-quality art collections management services to private collectors, institutions, foundations and corporations.

Ruth Cornett

Director, Heritage and Taxation Advisory Service, Christie’s London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Ruth Cornett is the Director of Heritage & Taxation Advisory Service, Christie’s London. Prior to joining Christie’s, Ruth worked as a tax advisor in a number of professional firms in the City and the West End of London. After training as an art historian and working as a curator in the V&A, Ruth changed careers in 1992, studying law and qualifying as a Chartered Tax Advisor in 1998.

Ruth has advised a broad spectrum of clients on a range of tax matters with a particular emphasis on capital gains tax, inheritance tax and income tax. To consolidate her expertise in these areas, Ruth qualified as a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) in 2008. Ruth also serves as an Observer on the Historic Houses Association (HHA) Tax and Political Committee.

Ruth also produced the beautiful publication Saved for the Nation and is the Editor of Christie’s Bulletin for Professional Advisers. Ruth works closely with her Irish counterparts and is particularly interested in Succession Planning and Cultural Legacy.

Arnaud Cywie

Swiss Lawyer and Tax Expert, Borel & Barbey Avocats, Geneva

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Arnaud Cywie is a Lawyer for Borel & Barbey, a Swiss Law firm based in Geneva which was founded in 1907. Arnaud operates in the field of Swiss and international taxation to include tax planning, trusts and foundations, lump sum taxation, restructuring, profit-sharing plans. He advises and represents private and institutional clients, both in negotiations with tax authorities and in litigation.

He has expertise in art law and has dealt with complex high profile cross jurisdictional matters for high net worth individuals with regard to succession planning and trust formations. He is a member of the Swiss Lawyers Federation and the Geneva Bar Association. He has many national and international publications in the legal parameters of wealth management and tax planning.

He will speak about the importance of clear well-planned Trust Structures that will protect owners of Art & Antiquities into the future based upon the basic principles of international and domestic law.

Craig Davies

Partner, Rawlinson & Hunter, London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Craig Davies is a Corporate Services Partner at Rawlinson & Hunter, an international grouping of professional firms, specialising in financial and taxation advice. Craig operates from the London office and has a portfolio that mainly comprises of UK and international owner managed businesses with a concentration of clients operating in the arts, entertainment and investment advisory sectors. Craig often works closely with the owner manager personally and the business itself providing a full range of assurance, accounting, business outsourcing, tax compliance and tax advisory services. Having spent time out of professional practice and with his wide technical knowledge, Craig is able to bring a different dimension to client relationships and is regularly tasked with finding creative solutions to difficult problems that they may bring to him.

Craig is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. His expertise in Arts & Antiques will give the Irish audience an insight into the cross-jurisdictional transactional tax aspects in the UK and US in wealth management, when acquiring works of art at International Art Fairs and Art Auctions.

Dr. Barbara Dawson

Director, The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Dr. Barbara Dawson was appointed as the first female director of The Hugh Lane Gallery in 1991. In 1998 she orchestrated the acquisition of Francis Bacon’s entire studio, bringing it back to Ireland piece by piece to document and recreate it with archaeological precision within the gallery, obtained additional paintings and many of Bacon’s unfinished pieces and established a standard-setting database to allow research into Bacon’s work.
Since then she has been curating and building exhibitions around the gallery’s core collection ever since.

She has also written extensively about modern and contemporary art and Dr. Dawson was conferred by the NCDA as an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 2010.

Ros Drinkwater

Art Columnist, Sunday Business Post

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Ros Drinkwater is an award winning journalist, photographer and authorwho recently scripted and presented Beyond the Beyonds, a documentary film on the life of artist John Kingerlee.

While a regular contributor to The Times of London arts pages, it was an interview with Sister Wendy Beckett that prompted Ros to focus on fine art, since when assignments for News International, Conde Nast, IPC, and Illustrated London News Group titles have taken her to over 50 countries.

Now as the fine arts columnist for the Sunday Business Post since 2001 she has documented the seismic shift in the Irish Fine Art and Antiques market, in terms of both volume and preferences, due to the influence of the internet.

Rowan Gillespie

Internationally respected Irish Sculptor,

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Rowan Gillespie, is an internationally respected Irish Sculptor. He was born in Dublin in 1953. During his formative years he lived in Cyprus and studied in England and Norway before returning to Ireland in 1986.

In 1997 he began to concentrate on public sculpture commissions, to include the 2nd Swiss Triennale of Sculpture, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland in 2003.

In 2007 he was an Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Regis University, Denver, Colorado and in 2011 he was elected to the Board of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

His most recent works include, the Footsteps Towards Freedom, Hobart, Tasmania and the Spirit of the Blind Harper, which is currently a work in progress.

His work has appeared in international collections from IMMA to more recently in the Brian P Burns Collection and St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, New York.

Alan Hobart

Art Dealer & Managing Director of Pyms Gallery, London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Alan Hobart, is an Art Dealer and Managing Director of Pyms Gallery, London. He and his wife Mary set up Pyms Gallery in 1974. In 1990 Pyms Gallery brought the highly acclaimed exhibition A Free Spirit to the Royal Hibernian Academy.

Alan and Mary have been instrumental in forming several of the most comprehensive collections of Irish art. Their role in stimulating the revival of interest in Irish art was acknowledged by an award from the Irish Post in 1992.

For many years Alan represented the National Gallery of Ireland on a pro bono basis acquiring major works of art for the National Collection. More recently, Pyms Gallery has focused its attention on the markets for blue-chip Old Master, Impressionist, Modern British and Contemporary art. Alan works for an exclusive group of international private collectors.

Patricia Hunt

Director of the Hunt Museum’s Trust, Limerick

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Patricia Hunt is a self-employed Business Development Consultant and Director of the Hunt Museums Trust.

Patricia, her late husband John and the Hunt Family have first-hand experience in leaving an outstanding cultural legacy to Ireland.

Patricia has been immersed in her passion for art since meeting her late husband John in the 1980’s. John grew up surrounded by art. His parents restored Craggaunowen Castle and amassed a wonderful collection of cultural artefacts which the Hunt Family generously donated to the Irish people.

From the beginning of the nineties the Hunt family embarked on the Hunt Museum Project. The Hunt Museum is now an established feature in the national cultural landscape and is located in the wonderful Custom House in the heart of Limerick city. This award-winning museum was built from small beginnings and this national treasure attracts thousands of visitors annually. Craggaunowen Open-air Museum was also donated to the people of Ireland by the Hunt family.

John Hunt was given the Freedom of the City of Limerick in 1997 in recognition of the Hunt family’s munificence to the city and to the nation generally. John was awarded a Gold Medal for distinguished service to the arts by the Royal Hibernian Academy in 2001.

Patricia’s personal journey working beside her late husband John and their philanthropic work makes her an ideal moderator to discuss the importance of wise succession planning.

Ciara Hurley

Chartered FCSI Executive Director & Chartered Wealth Manager at Quilter Cheviot, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Ciara Hurley holds the position of Executive Director and Chartered Wealth Manager in the Dublin office of Quilter Cheviot, which as a firm manages over €25 billion of private client, trust and charitable funds.

Ciara is an investment professional with 26 years experience managing investments for high net worth clients across multiple assets, geographies and currencies.

She previously held senior positions at Merrill Lynch Global Private Clients and Goodbody Stockbrokers. She was also a non-executive director of An Post for a five-year term and sat on the Audit and Financial Services Committees.

Quilter Cheviot have been a significant sponsor of the RHA, as well as hosting a large client event annually around the Annual Exhibition. They have also hosted and sponsored events in association with the National Gallery of Ireland.

Ciara is very interested in the arts and art history and has completed the Purser Griffith Diploma in the History of European Painting. She will be discussing the findings of their recent RHA Annual Sales report pertaining to the Irish Art Market.

Sean Kissane

Curator for the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Sean Kissane is a Curator for the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). Sean will discuss the importance of preserving one’s art collection in terms of provenance documentation and its importance in terms of economic and reputational value for future sales.

He has spent considerable time focusing on research within IMMA and will draw upon this insightful work to provide a historical overview of art collecting, focusing on how private, corporate and institutional collections are assembled and managed.

Sean will assert his views that there is a lack of infrastructure within the art ecosystem in Ireland with reference to important works of art from 1930-1970. He will argue that this deficit in information has impacted art collecting and art appreciation today. He will put forward suggestions on how to apply the lessons to be learned in collection management and value into the future.

Dr. James Lindow

Underwriting Director of Art & Private Client, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Dr. James Lindow is the Underwriting Director of the Art & Private Client Department of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group in London.

He has over 15 years’ experience as a specialist underwriter in high net worth and fine art insurance, he has worked in senior positions within both Lloyd’s and company sectors of the London market.

James has a PhD in the History of Art from the joint institutions of the Royal College of Art and Victoria & Albert Museum and is a critically acclaimed author.

A respected speaker, James has presented at international conferences and lectures extensively in the UK and overseas for several leading arts societies, including The Art Fund and The Arts Society. Dr. Lindow will discuss the importance of ensuring that the correct insurance cover is in place to protect one’s assets.

Carol Lynch

Partner at BDO Customs & International Trade Services, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Carol Lynch, is a Partner at BDO Customs and International Trade Services Department in Dublin. Carol has over 25 years’ experience in customs services, joining BDO from Crannagh & Co. which was established in 2005 and specialised in customs, trade tax and regulation.

Carol previously acted as Head of Trade and Customs as well as Vice-Chairman of European Trade Practice for another large accountancy firm in Ireland.

Carol is a member of the BDO Brexit Taskforce. Carol has significant expertise in customs, excise, export controls, audits and investigations. She also has significant experience working with clients in international art trade and transactions.

She will discuss the importance of knowledge when advising clients on the most tax and trade efficient structures when moving art between various jurisdictions.

Catherine Marshall

International Curator, Art Writer and Former Head of Collections at the IMMA

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Catherine Marshall is a freelance art writer and curator. She has worked as the Head of Collections at the IMMA from 1995 to January 2007, when she was seconded to the Arts Council of Ireland and later to the Royal Irish Academy where she co-edited Vol. V of the Art and Architecture of Ireland, (Dublin and New Haven) 2014.

She has been a lecturer in the History of Art Department at TCD (1986 -1995) and a guest lecturer in UCD, NCAD and at the National Gallery of Ireland. She has curated exhibitions of Irish art in Ireland, the United States, Canada and China. She was also a board member of the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin and she has published widely on Irish art.

Dr. Clare McAndrew

Founder of Arts Economics, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016 & 2017

Dr. Clare Mc Andrew is a highly respected international cultural economist, investment analyst and author and is the founder of Arts Economics.

Clare completed her PhD in economics at Trinity College in 2001, thereafter working for the Arts Council England. In 2002, Clare joined US firm Kusin & Company, art investment bank as their chief economist.

She returned to Europe in 2005, and set up Arts Economics wherein she works with a network of private consultants and academic scholars.

Clare is a guest lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, Christie’s Education and the Sotheby’s Institute in London and the University of Zurich. Clare has published many books and papers in academic journals. She is well known for her outstanding an annual macro-economic report on the global art market, more recently with her global research having been commissioned by Art Basel and UBS.

Rosanne McDonnell

Lead Creator and Director Art Business Summit

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016, 2017 & 2018

Rosanne McDonnell is an academic lawyer who specialises in art business. She is the founder of Art Agency Ireland and works with a network of art professionals, private consultants, collectors and academic scholars in providing research, consultancy and educational services across commercial and legal sectors within the Irish and international art market.

Rosanne’s interests also extend to the cultural importance of art. She is driven by the impact that art has on society and pursues a critical approach that looks at current art collection management practices.

She is passionate about engaging in the process of continuous learning by specialising in the hybridisation of business and art, both in Ireland and internationally.

Mary McLoughlin

Director, Maurice Ward Art Handling, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Mary Mc Loughlin is Director of Maurice Ward & Company limited. She established the Fine Art Handling and Transport Division in the group in 2009 and has built a world class asset based specialist art division.

This excellence was recognised by ICEFAT membership attained in 2011. Mary oversees 12 specialist professionals in sectors such as caring for, handling and shipping works of art, artefacts and antiquities for museums, galleries, dealers, and premier auction houses, corporate and private collectors.

Mary has a background in design and a passion for contemporary art. She is the founding member of the Leopold Bloom Art award, Central Europe’s most prestigious contemporary visual art award.

Delphine Munro

Head of Arts, The European Investment Bank Institute, Luxembourg

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Delphine Munro is the Head of Arts at the European Investment Bank Institute. She worked in the Musée National d’Art Moderne-Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Foundation Cartier, Paris; Institute Français, Prague, Sotheby’s London and BNP Paribas and HSBC London.

Her art sector experience encompasses Arts Management, Corporate Cultural Management; Marketing; Sponsorship and Valuation. Specific areas of work include strategic management of art in a corporate context; curating exhibitions; promoting corporate cultural responsibility in the public domain via the arts; commissioning of works of art for large private and public sector banks.

Patrick Murphy

Director of the RHA, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017

Patrick T. Murphy graduated from Trinity College Dublin. From 1980 to 1984, he was Exhibitions Officer with the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

In 1984, he became Director of the Douglas Hyde Gallery. From 1989 to 1998 he directed the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, returning to Ireland in 1999 to take up the Directorship at the Royal Hibernian Academy. He has worked on many exhibitions and projects with artists such as, Bill Viola, Charles Tyrrell, Marlene Dumas, Anslem Kiefer, Barrie Cooke, Dorothy Cross, Robert Gober, Jose Bedia and Tacita Dean and biannually curates the emerging exhibition Futures.

Patrick’s deep knowledge together with his vast experience working with private and corporate collectors both here and in the USA will provide a hearty debate about the necessary synergy between art and patronage.

James O'Halloran

Managing Director, Adams Auction House, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016 & 2017

James O’Halloran is the Managing Director of Adams Auction House in Dublin. Adam’s was founded in 1887 and is Ireland’s leading Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers. The company has developed its expertise in many fields to include Contemporary & Modern Irish Art.

Adam’s is adept at the appraisals and sale of private collections and has set numerous world records in its salerooms. It is one of the fastest growing companies in its field, offering a service of distinction as Ireland’s principal auction house.

James O’ Halloran, joined Adam’s in 1981 and is a Fellow of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Former President of the IAVI. He has also lectured in UCD & UL. He is a highly experienced expert in buying and selling Irish Art.

Frank O'Reilly

Partner, Whitney Moore Solicitors, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Frank O’ Reilly is a partner with Whitney Moore Solicitors, a well-established Irish law firm based in Dublin. He qualified as a solicitor in 1980 and has been a partner in the firm since 1985.

Frank’s main areas of practice are insolvency and private client. On the private client side, Frank specialises in the administration of estates, wills, trusts and the legal aspects of inheritance, gift and capital gains tax matters. He has spoken at conferences on the topic of art tax strategies and estate planning for private collectors.

William Pearlstein

Partner, Pearlstein and McCullough LLP, New York

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018 

William Pearlstein is a founding member of Pearlstein McCullough Lederman LLP. William’s art law practice is an outgrowth of his experience as a New York transactional lawyer, with broad experience in corporate and commercial law, including securities, private equity, mergers and acquisitions.

William has a background in technically demanding, document intensive transactions. This gives PML a competitive advantage in the art market, which is often under-documented and under-lawyered. He views fine and decorative art and collectibles as an asset class with characteristics distinct from traditional asset classes, such as real estate and securities. Art assets can suffer from infirmities in title, authenticity, attribution and regulatory compliance, due to the subjective judgment of experts and lack of documentation. This appreciation, confirmed over decades of experience in the art market, gives PML a superior analytical framework for transactional documentation, disputes and litigation.

William has presented papers at many international art business conferences and has researched the transactional motivators of art as an asset class. He will give the audience an overview of the potential legal risks and opportunities when buying art for investment purposes.

Con Quigley

Corporate Finance Partner, BDO Ireland, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016 & 2017

Con Quigley is Corporate Finance Partner with BDO in Ireland and specialises in venture capital and valuations.

Con is one of the most experienced advisors on business strategy, fundraising and M&A in the Irish market. He is also a board member of EVA – Ireland’s Modern Art Biennial.

Founded in 1977, EVA is one of the oldest international biennials and is based in Limerick City. EVA 2018 will be curated by Inti Guerrero – the Tate Adjunct Curator for Latin American Art.

Con is also a collector and in the past has sponsored a graduate bursary in LSAD and a gift of work by Pauline Bewick to the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris.

Sean Rainbird

Director, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017 

Sean Rainbird studied German and History of Art at University College London; Freiburg University, and Freie Universität Berlin (1979-85).

After that he taught art history at University College London and thereafter worked at Macmillan on the Dictionary of Art (1986-7). Between 1987 and 2006 Rainbird worked as a Curator, later Senior Curator, of Modern and Contemporary Art, at the Tate Gallery in London. He held special responsibility for leading acquisitions of contemporary British and international art, and German art of the 20th century.

Sean also organised several exhibitions of artists shortlisted for the prestigious Turner Prize (1991, 1992, and 1999). He received a Diploma in Management Studies from Kingston University (2000-01).

Sean worked closely with Tate donor groups, the Patrons of New Art and the International Council and assisted with the acquisition of significant works by artists. He was director of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart from 2006-2012.

In 2012 Sean Rainbird became Director of the National Gallery of Ireland and proudly oversaw the renovation of the nineteenth century Dargan and Milltown wings. During his Directorship in 2015 Rainbird selected an exhibition of works by Sean Scully in honour of the Dublin-born artist’s 70th birthday.

In autumn 2016 the Gallery resumed its programme of temporary exhibitions with extraordinary shows on Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Vermeer culminating in the reopening of the new renovated Gallery in June 2017. The Gallery expects to attract at least one million visitors through its doors by the end of this year.

Rachel Reilly

Deputy Director & Valuation Manager, Sotheby’s, London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Rachel Reilly is Deputy Director & Valuation Manager, Sotheby’s London. She is part of a worldwide team of experts that provides valuations for private collections, museums, fiduciaries, and corporations.

Rachel also provides valuations for all works of art, from large collections to single items, which range within our fields of expertise and which we would normally include at auction.

Before joining Sotheby’s she spent several years with Christies in London and has a wealth of knowledge about building value in one’s collection.

Mary Rozell

Global Head UBS Art Collection, New York

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Mary Rozell is the Global Head of the UBS Art Collection. She is based in New York and liaises with the global team located in Zurich, London, New York and Hong Kong. She is the advisor to collectors, artists, and estates on all legal and strategic issues relating to the acquisition, management and relinquishment of private art collections. She is also art lawyer with a master’s degree in modern art. She was Director of Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art – New York. She is also the author of highly respected book, The Art Collector’s Handbook (Ashgate, 2014).

Mary oversaw the publication of a highly respected book on the 30,000-UBS Art collection. UBS started collecting in the 1960’s and the core of its collection is multifaceted in history and is deeply rooted within the company. Diversity is one of the distinguished hallmarks of the collection, which currently represents artists from 75 countries. This number continues to grow along with the expansion of the international art market, under the helm of the highly esteemed Mary Rozell. UBS are the proud sponsors of Art Basel Switzerland, Miami and Hong Kong. UBS and Art Basel co-publish the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, authored by renowned cultural economist Dr Clare McAndrew, founder of Arts Economics based in Dublin.

Oliver Sears

Managing Director, Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016 & 2017

Oliver Sears is the Managing Director of Oliver Sears Gallery a contemporary fine art gallery based in Dublin and run by Oliver Sears. The gallery represents both emerging and well established and actively deals in the secondary market sourcing specialised works for its collectors.

Oliver has gathered considerable expertise in the field of Contemporary and Modern art and is passionate about the subject in all its complexities and contradictions. Oliver has an international client portfolio and has assisted many long standing private and corporate clients to curate their collections and funds of art.

Barbara Stanley

Managing Director, The Barbara Stanley Gallery, London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2016

Barbara Stanley is the owner of the Barbara Stanley Gallery in London. Barbara’s interest in art developed as she was growing up in the West of Ireland.

In 2002 Barbara left the corporate world to pursue her interest in art and establish the first gallery in London to specialise in the works of Irish contemporary artists.

Since she set up the gallery, Barbara has consistently promoted the work of Irish artists and brought the talented artists and sculptors she represents to London and, increasingly, an overseas clientele.

Freya Stewart

CEO Art Lending and General Counsel, The Fine Art Group, UK

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Freya Stewart, is the CEO of Art Lending and Group General Counsel of The Fine Art Group London. This is an Art Lending business that provides loans secured against high quality works of art and jewellery for collectors and owners who have immediate liquidity needs or who wish to release valuable capital from their collections for other purposes.

Freya has a wealth of experience as Senior Legal Counsel for Christie’s London with the responsibility for art lending and all legal aspects of auction and private sale consignments and sales. Prior to this, she worked as Vice-President of Barclay’s Investment Bank as a Prime Brokerage and Equity Derivatives lawyer based in London and New York, her work included the areas of fixed income and equity financing (cash and synthetic) to include futures, clearing, regulation and cash equities.

Freya has the fortune of combining her experience as both a finance and art market lawyer over the last 12 years, to head an exciting and challenging business at the forefront of the art market, working with fascinating clients, investors and art specialists.

Her legal experience and research will give the audience an accurate view of the international art investment market.

Nicola Wallace

Barrister-at-Law and Commercial Mediator, London

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2017 & 2018

Nicola Wallace is a Barrister-at-Law in London with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of art transactional disputes. Her advice is both pragmatic and considered. In January 2015 Nicola was awarded a distinction in her MSc Art, Law and Business at Christie’s, accredited by the University of Glasgow.

She is a member of the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market and has also attended the Advanced Mediation Course at Harvard Law School, in June 2016 entitled “Mediating Complex Disputes”. In October 2016, she was appointed WIPO Panel Mediator Neutral for Arts & Heritage.

John deVere White

Managing Director, deVeres Auction House, Dublin

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

John de Vere White is the Managing Director of deVere Art Auctions. He has a lifetime of experience in Irish Art. Son of the writer and art critic Terrence de Vere White, in 1982 he established de Veres in partnership with Barry Smyth and has established a reputation for honest opinion and unparalleled expertise.

DeVeres Art Auctions offer a full valuation service for insurance, market, probate and family division. This is supported by an illustrated digital record of each work. It has carried out numerous interior projects, involving staging properties coming to the market. It provides a full service including providing the furniture and artwork, plus exterior ground works, so that the property is given the best opportunity to achieve the maximum price. It also sources individual unique pieces for clients looking for something special.

John’s in-depth knowledge of the Irish art market gives him the experience and expertise to advise clients in the purchase of works outside of the salesroom. This has resulted in deVeres acting for private and corporate collectors in negotiating the purchase of major artworks.

Doug Woodham

Managing Partner of Art Fiduciary Advisors and Author, ‘Art Collecting Today’, New York

Speaker at Art Business Summit 2018

Doug Woodham is the Managing Partner of Art Fiduciary Advisors, an advisory practice based in New York City that helps clients create legacy plans for their art collections. The firm offers comprehensive services, from clarifying family goals and evaluating alternative disposition strategies, through the execution of donation and sale agreements. The firm also advises collectors, artists, and institutions on the sale of art so they can be assured of maximizing sale proceeds in a very complex and opaque art marketplace. Art Fiduciary Advisors always acts as a fiduciary working on behalf of clients and works in partnership with a client’s existing team of tax, legal, and financial advisors.
Doug brings a unique perspective to the art market from his life-long interest in art, business, and finance. He most recently served as President of the Americas for Christie’s, where he was responsible for all aspects of the business and senior client relationships in North and South America. He was a member of the Global Transactions Management Committee that reviewed and approved all major consignment deals, including the economic terms offered to consignors.

Doug is the author of the best-selling book Art Collecting Today: Market Insights for Everyone Passionate about Art, published in April 2017. The book received outstanding reviews in the Economist, the London Financial Times and New York Times, among other publications.



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